Have we got a GREAT #FishFriday clean up tip for you!  After you create and bake your favorite fish dish, go ahead and spray down your best seasoned pan with ANNIE'S.  We love the fresh, alive scent of lemon, which can work to help neutralize odors.  A seasoned cast iron pan should only be washed sparingly!  Never use harsh soaps and scouring pads and never run your seasoned pans through the dishwasher!  A proper "seasoning" on a pan is fat or oil baked into the iron, which helps create a natural non-stick coating.  The more you use your pan, the more seasoned it will become.  To keep it clean, wash your seasoned pan with hot water and use a sponge or stiff non-metal brush to remove cooking residue.  Always store your pans completely dry to avoid rusting.  If your cast iron pans have some rust you can soak your pan with equal parts ANNIE'S and water for up to 8 hours. 

o Green!  Change the way you clean AND cook!

Annie Joyce