Hi, I'm Annie.


Massachusetts mom (and grandma!), Founder and CEO of Annie's Pure and Simple.


I created Annie's Pure and Simple after years of cleaning with toxic cleaners (it was the 90's!) in my own home and in the homes of my cleaning company clients. While the job came with it's own set of hazards (toilets, am I right?)  unexpectedly, I began to get sick. Respiratory problems and dry, cracked skin caused by inhaling toxic fumes from all those familiar cleaners, I knew there had to be a solution. So, I got to work and created an all natural, all purpose cleaner.


Now, that cleaner has evolved into Annie's Pure and Simple. I'm proud to create an all natural, 98% organic all purpose spray that will help your house sparkle and keep your family safe.


I changed the way I cleaned to protect my family and the environment from the toxic chemicals used in unregulated cleaning products.


Don't you think it's to change the way you clean?